Api Web Services
Your company, even if small, can use API services like other large ones. Start using our free services, and then, grow with our services.


Locate your clients by IP

Why locate them? In addition to the location data, we serve others that are necessary to create an invoice in real time. Obtain, among others, data such as the percentage of your client's taxes.

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Get foreign exchange value

We offer more than 160 exchanges of coins, by default in euros, but you can obtain it in the currency of your preference. In three formats: json, xml and html. All ready to integrate in your app.

PDF at a glance

Keep your data out safely. In this way, your data can be shared among your customers, employees, representatives, collaborators, etc., SQL and NoSQL, even both, as you wish.

Tools for coders

Often, programmers need the same functions in some or several applications. Always the same functions. Enough already. Use our functions as your own toolbox.

Generate complex Pdf

Simple, beautiful and elegant. Using a HTTP post raw text you can generate powerfull PDF files, because we have rederefined a complex library, divided in sections, analize sintactic and semantically, to offer you this powerfull tool.

Up to 30 barcode types

The most important barcode types can be generated through a HTTP POST send json. And you can obtain the barcodes results in four formats: HTML, SVG, PNG or JPG.