As a value-added proposal, we want to present some of the common (and important) characteristics that, finally, all the programmers will end up programming before or after.
Enough of repetitive code!

Check IBAN

As response to your well formed and valid iban code, we send the cut up code: acount, bank and bbank, as other like, branch (if it is available), checksum, country, central bank of these country, its URL, and human format of this account.

Cause this iban is not valid or not well formed, the answer indicates.

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ISO 4217 country codes

In an international sales environment, you surely shall need the world country codes to know, among others, whaths the name of its coin. Probably, this tool is has the minor number of change in the time, however, here you have it. Use it.

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Get an account

As a result of creation process, for security reasons, we send you an email with instructions to activate your account. After this, do not hesitate to use our API.

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