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Often a code is needed for sale abroad. In this environment, it is foolish to maintain a different version of prices for each customer location. Trust me. I've been programming since 1983!

Getting actual values

The sample shown below are actual and acurate changes. We offer all coins by code of Currency codes - ISO 4217. Each code are as descripted in Contry codes of ISO 6133. In other words: as your market spects.

This can be obtained in three different formats, at your choice, json, xml or html. Try it.

datetime: "2020-01-23 14:11:06",
currency: "EUR",
AED: "4.073416",
AFN: "86.305589",
ALL: "121.99562",
EUR: "1",
ZMK: "9982.564973",
ZMW: "16.077987",
ZWL: "357.107148"

Alaike, we dispose another service that send you the code and name of 4217.

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