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Spanish DNI & NIE

In Spain, everyone has a personal identification code, (believe me, I know what I say). For nationals it is DNI (means National Identification Document), too known the same DNI as NIF for tax system. For foreigners it is the NIE (it means foreign document number). Each number is calculated by the module of 23 alphabetic characters in a array that the state provides.

We provide the calculated checsum, if it is not correct, we provide too the correct number for this calculation.

The DNI code is composed of two parts, a number of eight numbers plus a letter. And the NIE is composed by a letter, seven numbers, and other letter.

A word is enough to the wise...

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Spanish CIF

In Spain a natural person can act as a company, but responds to their debts with their past, present and future assets. The business companies (which may be composed of a single person), have an identification number for tax purposes. Knowing the number, it is found, in addition, the type of society and the province where it is located. And, over all... feel you welcome to the very complicated fiscal system of Spain.

The own code of company is self-validate with the last number as checksum. And we can extract very information about this company.

If the number that you send is invalid, we send you where is the error. You dig it?

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