User features

We offer you some tools to manage your own security, keep your KEY API safe and consult your own data.

Activation key proceess

Once you are a new user, your process is not over yet. In response to the welcome email, you must activate as a user. This prevents phase or false activations. And it guarantees that you want to be a user of our application.

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Only the non-free users can reset their APIKEY every time they wish. After this process, you will receive an email with the new one. Send here your email and consult the manual.

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Simply is a self query. And we will response with your user data.

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Count connections for free users

Free (free) users have some limitations on the number of access to the monthly API. Consequently, we offer the way to know how many accesses they made in the last month. In other words, how many are left.

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Get an account

As a result of creation process, for security reasons, we send you an email with instructions to activate your account. After this, do not hesitate to use our API.

For any question, we will be happy to announce you in

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